About Us

What is the Web Managers Roundtable

The Web Managers Roundtable serves Washington DC's digital community with a variety of programs designed for enterprise level web professionals. Since 2003, critical players from both public and private sectors have gathered at Roundtable meetings to cross pollinate case studies, best practices, and personal perspectives on the challenges involved in managing a large web organization in today's rapidly evolving digital environment. Each event features a networking reception, an engaging program, and a post-event online discussion. Subjects include web marketing, social media, strategy, mobile, digital media, web analytics, content management, website optimization, localization and leadership.

Why Attend Roundtable Events

The Web Managers Roundtable offers its attendees a high value experience in a very exclusive setting. Our hosts are the savviest web organizations in Washington DC, and our events bring together leaders from the private and public sectors. This unique combination gives the Roundtable a distinctive vibrancy found nowhere else. Attendance at our events is by invitation or by referral. Service providers can attend only via sponsorship or special permission.

How To Become a Member & Receive Invitations

There are no Roundtable membership fees. Instead, members simply need to qualify as end users in order to join. If you’d like to be considered for Web Managers Roundtable membership and receive invitations to future events, please send your name, job title, organization name, e-mail address, and the name of the Roundtable member who referred you (or how you heard about us) to Julie Perlmutter, founder & event planner.

Upcoming Events