Be a Speaker

The Web Managers Roundtable seeks to deliver relevant content and valuable networking opportunities to our membership. Our programs are derived largely from members who are passionate about a particular topic and want to share their ideas. If you have identified an emerging trend, are currently working on a cutting edge project, know someone we can learn from, or your simply have a program idea you want to want explore with us, we’d like to hear from you.

Please contact Julie to discuss your ideas and how we can help turn them into a rewarding program for our community: Julie Perlmutter, 202-165-1522.

What our speakers are saying....

"This group is about the people who manage the major websites in this town, and that makes it a great opportunity showcase our facilities & share our ideas.” 
- Bill Schallenburg, VP of, Marriott Intl., 2004

"The Web Managers Roundtable has been a fabulous place for government to share what we are doing with counterparts in private & non-profit sectors. The contacts we've made and what we've learned has overall improved government online. Julie is a genius at pulling all the right people together, and providing the content most useful and timely to the audience." 
– Bev Godwin, Acting Dir., Fed. Citizen Info. Center, GSA, 2011

“Your audience is impressive and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to speak to them.”
– Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Summit Worldwide, 2008

Our Speakers
just to name a few

Ghassan Haddad,
Director of Internationalization, Facebook

Lee Rainie,

Director of Pew Internet

Catherine Antoine,

Exec. Director, Radio Free Asia

Lelani Martinez,
Director of

Tony Byrne,
President, CMS Watch

Andrew Sherry,
SVP, Online Communications,
Center for American Progress

Angela Morgenstern,
Sr. Director of Interactive, PBS

Drew Disken,
Director of Interactive Marketing  Univ. of PA Health System

Rebecca Lewis,
VP of Digital Marketing,
Discovery Communications

Michelle Rago,
Sr. Information Architect,
Library of Congress