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Web Managers Roundtable founder Julie Perlmutter is a longtime resident of Washington, DC with a creative entrepreneurial mindset and a wealth of expertise in professional community building, event planning and sales. In 1999, Julie started the Creative Network to connect the creative services industry with those in need of their services. In 2004, Washingtonian magazine declared the organization the city’s #1 networking resource for creative professionals.

During the Internet surge of the mid 1990s, Julie began organizing an impressive series of web sector recruiting events. After the dot.com bust in 2002, she saw an urgent need to prevent the region’s web community from fragmenting. The result was the Web Managers Roundtable, which launched in 2003. Today, the group has grown into DC's premier organization for digital professionals. By keeping a close watch on the rapid evolution of the industry and the changing needs of its executives, Julie is able to organize relevant cutting edge events that uniquely meet the needs of both attendees and sponsors.

What people are saying about Julie

“Julie is a unusually resourceful and committed entrepreneur with a great sense of mission. Her ability to shape and sustain the Web Managers Round Table over many years, keeping it fresh and relevant in a fast-changing industry, is truly impressive and inspiring. She's both highly organized and motivated, and the result is a monthly event that energizes Washington's Web community."
– Randy Rieland, Rieland Digital, 2009

"Julie is a community builder par excellence and has a unique ability to connect the right people - even before they understand why they should meet. While Julie has a superb talent to help her, don't let the tiara fool you: Her success is earned: she is one of the hardest workers I know, her work ethics set the bar very high, and her professionalism shows in all aspects of event planning."
– Andrew Lawless, Principal, Dig-IT! Globalization Consultants, April 2010

“Julie is the "Woman with the Golden Rolodex." She has been at the center of a thriving community of Washington movers and shakers for at least 20 years. Her Web Managers Roundtable is a must-do sponsorship opportunity for any strategy or technology firm that wants instant visibility and credibility. We are extremely grateful to her for all she has done to get us where we are today.”
– Scott Johnson, Principal, Rock Creek Strategic Marketing, 2009

“I've benefited from Julie's penchant for creating customer communities for several industry verticals. Her current success is the Web Managers Roundtable where managers of largest web properties in the Washington DC area have been sharing best practices and great ideas for several years. She has the creativity and know-how to make a couple hundred successful managers fly in close formation.”
– Dick Davies, President of Sales Lab, Inc., 2008