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Why Get Involved

People get involved because....

“The Web Managers Roundtable provides the most current and meaningful presentations in the Washignton Metro area.”
– Mark Irwin, VP Planning & Project Mgmt., Discovery Comm, 2009

"We found the experience to be a fabulous opportunity to share our ideas on with other like-minded organizations."  - Amy Baroch, Sr. Mgr. of Station Innovation, PBS, 2011

"The Roundtable is a fabulous place for government to share what we are doing with counterparts in private & non-profit sectors." 
– Bev Godwin, Acting Director, Federal Citizen Info.  Center, U.S. GSA, 2011

“The Roundtable has enabled the most experienced practitioners in the DC area to share knowledge and enhance our professional lives.”
 – Mitko Gerensky, Manager of Web and Data Services, USAC, 2010

“It was a great pleasure to participate as a presenter."
– Robert Spier, Director of Mobile Initiatives, NPR, 2009

"This group is about the people who manage the major websites in this town, and that makes it an  opportunity to share our ideas.”    – Bill Schallenburg, VP of  Marriott.com, Marriott Intl., 2004

“These are the best events we're sponsored in terms of audience engagement and quality of speakers.
– Patricia Mejia, VP. of Marketing, Siteworx, 2010

“The audience is impressive and
I'm glad to have had the opportunity to speak to them.”  – Jim Sterne, Producer of the eMetrics Marketing Summit Worldwide, 2008

“I was thoroughly impressed by the attendees and the quality of the content. Julie has created something really good.”

– Pierre Wielezynski, Director of Corporate Comm, World Bank, 2006

"The Roundtable was without a doubt one of the best events we have ever sponsored.”

- Joanne Dawson, Marketing Director, Aquia, 2010