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Sponsorship FAQ

“Julie did a stunning job organizing the event and we were very happy with the turnout and the quality of the attendees. The venue was well picked and the audience was excellently targeted. Julie knows her business & her territory incredibly well." 
– Andrew Edwards, Partner, Technology Leaders, 2010

Sponsorship offers an effective way to: 
  • Generate high quality leads in both private and public sectors of  the Washington DC metro area. 

  • Participate in a professionally-planned event attended only by relevant high-value prospects.

  • Meet with decision makers in a no-pressure setting that is virtually competitor-free.

  • Spotlight your company's services with table top exhibits and vertical banners.

  • Receive recognition from the podium as a contributing web community peer.

  • Build a targeted contact database through access to the event’s attendee list.

Becoming a Sponsor:

Sponsors fund event planning services and in return receive special marketing access to event participants. This support allows the Web Managers Roundtable to offer its events by invitation-only.  There are two ways to sponsor a Web Managers Roundtable event:
  1. You can sponsor an existing upcoming event whose topic is related to your company’s products and/or services. Generally, 3-5 companies sponsor at an event. Companies sponsoring four or more events per year receive enhanced access to our participants.

  2. You can create a custom event with the help of the Web Managers Roundtable. In this case, we review and refine your idea to assure its relevance to our members. Then, we work together to develop a high-value program at which you will enjoy exclusive access to all the attendees.


Julie Perlmutter
Founder & event planner
tel: 202-265-1522

Andrew Lawless
Program Manager
tel: 240-271-3512

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